The Ultimate Guide in choosing an Ideal Mattress

After a hectic and tiresome day, the immediate thing one would favour doing is relaxing. Sleeping is a very essential routine in our 24 hour day. Doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sleep in order for our body to recover and revive from our daily dose of stress. Maintaining a good sleep schedule can improve one’s safety and mental health. Getting adequate sleep plays an important role in having a healthy lifestyle. However, if one becomes sleep deficient, it not only gives under eye circles, but can cause chronic illnesses as well.

When sleeping becomes so crucial, selecting an ideal mattress is as important. A good mattress aids in vanishing sleep problems. This is because a comfy mattress leads to a great sleep. According to our preferences and various body types, there are different types of mattresses available in the market.

Buying the right mattress can be quite confusing and time taking. So here a few types of mattresses that are popular choices amongst people. This will help in narrowing down the choice of mattresses.

  1. Memory Foams: It is the earliest discovered material made from viscoelastic. It is extremely soft that it gives the feel of floating in the sky, on clouds. It moulds into any body type and retains its shape when pressure is removed. This type of mattress is known to enhance the sleep for people with back pain as it relieves pain.
  2. Pocket Coils: It is a mattress with individually wrapped coils covered with foam and fiber to provide comfort. These are the most popular mattresses used today. They provide the most all around comfort than any other types of mattresses.
  3. Hybrids: It is a mattress with individually wrapped coils covered with memory foam to provide comfort. These are very popular as well because they give you the best of both worlds, memory foam and pocket coils. They provide the support of memory foam mattresses and the comfort of a pocket coil mattress.
  4. Innersprings: It is a mattress with a spring system covered with foam and fiber to provide comfort. These are the cheapest and mostly used mattress. These were the oldest mattresses, used from our grandparents’ time. But, the disadvantages are that these attract dust, they tend to be heavy and they are not ideal for humid climates.
  5. Air beds: These use different quantities of air to adjust the firmness depending on personal preferences. Many of these beds have a dual chamber setting, so the couples can sleep based on their likings. Air beds are cheaper and long-lasting. But, assembling the mattress is a pain and air tends to escape overnight, so regular pumping is mandatory.
  6. Water beds: These are widely used in relieving pain and are used in sleep therapy. The main plus point is the fact that temperature is adjustable. So, it can be set cool in the summers and warm during the winters. On the other hand, water beds are expensive and tend to jiggle, disturbing the partner that is sleeping with you.

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Memory Foam Mattress vs Gel Foam Mattress

A mattress is a must have item in every household. They aid in providing better sleep and comfort on those hectic days of work. Even when people are suffering from sleep deprivation or disorders, having a comfy mattress will always be great. As essential as a mattress is, choosing the correct type of mattress is as important. Now-a-days, the foam mattresses are in trend and there are two types: memory foam and gel foam.

Memory foam is earliest discovered mattress of all mattress types. The manufacturers improvised this to the gel foam, because, it is similar to the memory foam but, has extra gel micro beads in it. Both the mattress types are known to provide support and comfort, making it ideal for patients with back or neck pain. Both absorb movement, so the jiggling of one will not disturb the other one. Lastly, both are mould and bacteria resistant, so, allergies are not a problem at all.

Let us discuss further, the differences between the memory and gel foam mattresses, to see which one is more ideal.

  1. Heat distribution: The gel foam mattress distributes the heat, leaving the area cool during summers. On the other hand, the memory foam tends to absorb the heat, leaving the person uncomfortable. Gel foams would be recommended in the summers, while memory foam is for people experiencing harsh and cold winters.
  2. Material: Both, the memory and gel foam are made from viscoelastic except that there is gel infused in the gel foam mattress.
  3. Longevity: The gel foam tends to degrade quicker, due to the infused gel beads. The additional gel beads does not strengthen the structure, instead, degrades it. However, the memory foam is made of durable material causing it to last for a longer time.
  4. Cost: The extra gel in the mattress causes them to be expensive. But, memory foam is lighter on the pocket.
  5. Feel: Memory foam is extremely flexible and allows the person to sink in to the mattress. While, the gel foam is sturdier due to the infused gels, causing it to be slightly firm.
  6. Odour: Memory foam is made of organic material producing a minimal odour, and is idea for sensitive allergies. But, the gel foam is made of synthetic material, causing a slight odour.

Gel foam utilizes newer technology, while the memory foam is being used for many years. So, it has been tried and tested. Whichever material is chosen, buying it from a trustworthy and genuine shop is very important.

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